Communities Committee

Why not join us?

Heritage Trust's strength lies in its membership, individuals and groups who are committed to the protection and proper rehabilitation of Nova Scotia's rich heritage.

The Communities Committee is the arm of the Heritage Trust of Nova Scotia that reaches out directly to people concerned with their cultural heritage. It's our interest to generate interest from the community by being in touch with and meeting the needs of local people.

Our concerns include buildings at risk, building ensembles that contribute to community heritage image, and landscapes that include historic elements.

Members are available to discuss heritage concerns within communities, to assist in evaluation of potential adaptation and reuse projects, and to assist with preparation of material related to history and preservation plans.

Please make contact with the committee through the Heritage Trust of Nova Scotia office.

Committee Projects

Parrsboro Bandhall Project
Gardiner's Mill Dam
Forest Street Heritage District, Yarmouth
Religious Structures Inventory and Digest
Maritime Conservancy of Performing Arts
Our Allies Project
Waymarking Project